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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Me For Your Beach Haven, Long Beach Island Carpet Cleaning

 1. BECAUSE YOU GET AN EXACT APPOINTMENT. None of this, “I will be there between noon and five p.m." I give you an appointment time with a one-hour window of arrival. And if I am ever late I call ahead to let you know.

2. BECAUSE YOU GET PROMPT RESPONSE. I usually have an opening within a week.

3. BECAUSE I ANSWER THE PHONE LIVE. You only get voice mail if all the phones are ringing at once, and we return calls promptly.

4. BECAUSE YOU GET HONEST  PRICING. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs.

5. BECAUSE YOU GET THE BEST CARPET CLEANING ON THE PLANET. My Exclusive 11 step cleaning process gets maximum soil removing using completely safe products.

6. BECAUSE YOU’LL BE CALLING A CLEANER WITH 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Because of my education and experience, I have been given a certification from the  IICRC.

7. I DON’T CUT CORNERS I CLEAN THEM. I take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.

8. BECAUSE I REALLY AM “THE Best I’m dedicated to increasing the professionalism in our

9. YOUR CARPET WILL NEVER LOOK DIRTY AGAIN! For the same cost as your next years'  cleaning and protecting, I will also include free spotting and intermittent traffic lane cleaning.


Carpets                                Upholstery



11. BECAUSE YOU GET MORE THAN A SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: I offer a lot more than the most thorough cleaning ever. I also guarantee no spots will return. If a spot should ever return, I will also return, and we will figure out how to remove it permanently.

Furthermore, for the first week after I clean the carpet, if someone should accidentally track dirt on it, or spill on it, call me and I will remove the spot or spill free! This is great if you are just moving into a new home, because you can have me clean before you move in and get free touch ups after unloading everything.